2199 is a virtual reality installation based on perception and control : Three people, sat on a rotating plate, wearing VR headsets. The experiment is guided by a voice-over who delivers instructions. They are brought to look at some precise points, to launch rotations of the plates. Sometimes they lose control, control the others, or are being controlled. So despite being a distinct component of the installation, they are committed to a choreography.

2199 is an innovative experiment, but also a reflection of our vulnerability inside VR. It questions a technology that is too often accepted unconditionally.



Case study

This project is based on an idea we had for the project The Guard. We became so attached to the concept we developed it further for our own fulfilment. We tried it several times at different festivals and engaged in a series of decisive talks before it was presented at H3K in Basel.


Unity / Arduino

Hardware / Material

Arduino / VR headsets / 3D printing / Laser cutting

Events / Exhibitions

Digitaltag ZHDK


We will be showing 2199 at the Digitaltag organised by ZHDK.

It will take place in Zürich, Toni Areal on the 21st November 2017.

More info and registration on http://digitaltag.zhdk.ch/en/


Exhibition of our installation 2199 at Y-Parc, Yverdon, during 4 days.



We present 2199 at H3K for The Unframed World

We presented fragment.in and we tested 2199 after our talk for Ligature Connections

Early version of 2199 is presented at Bucharest during the Rokolectiv Festival