The London Space




HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP

Inspired by the concept of psychogeography, The London Space is a visual database of London’s urban spaces. The website is updated weekly – with photographs and texts – by contributors with backgrounds in architecture, writing, design and photography.

The London Space provides a non-linear way to discover the city through different minds and eyes. Unlike Google’s algorithmic selection and organisation of information, the photos and tags are chosen by individuals.

On the homepage you can digitally wander through an abstract map of London composed of a randomly generated selection of images from our database. The position of an image on the map will approximately correspond to the place in which it was taken. Click on any image to enlarge it, or click on the top right menu or categories to access the grid page.

The London Space hopes to serve as a visual stimulus for artists, designers, architects and others who use the poetic and the multiplicity of the city as inspiration for their work.