Open Controllers



Open Controllers suggests combining common industrial objects with several sensors that smartphones are equipped with, such as the gyroscope or the camera, in order to create controllers that are easy to reproduce: a sphere and a cube that transmit 3D movements, as well as a cone that can locate a source of light. These controllers work with a game specially developed for them.

The project asks questions about everyday technologies, offering simple solutions to fully understand them and discover their potential. It is intended for a public of designers and developers, but also for amateurs in programming. It is a hybrid project, neither work nor product, that can be defined by those who wish to approach it.



Case study

Open Controllers is the Diploma project of Marc Dubois.


Unity / Android / Gyroscope+accelerometer+compass / Camera

Hardware / Material

Ikea furnitures

Events / Exhibitions

Big Festival


Come meet us and try our games Matter & Open Controllers at Big Festival Sao Paulo

Supported by swissnex Brazil, Pro Helvetia & Ecal

Try Open Controllers at Mirage Festival

Open Controllers is presented with other ECAL projects at Numerik Games