Workshop at ZHdK, Zurich


BYOP – A human look at the parametric aspect of plants.
ZHdK, Tony Areal, September 28th
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Result can be seens in image below. Thanks to the participants: Alessandro, Nadine, Ramona and Viktor.

BYOP (Bring your Own Plants) is a workshop where participants will be invited to bring an interesting plant of their choice depending its aesthetic appearance and parametric/mathematical aspect.

How could we reduce or recompose the visual aspect of a plant into variable parameters ? How could we make a link between a plant structural composition and a programming language ? How could we (re)value the human observation & measurement vs the one made by machine vision?

After a short theoretical introduction accompanied with references, participants will learn to observe, capture photos and write down parametric instructions of their plant (number of leaves, max/min leaves size, leaves composition, shape/size of stem, general height/width, main colors/patterns etc).

With those instructions, other participants will then try to recreate/represent it by hand (pen/collage) or digitally with the tool of their choice (Processing, 3D, etc). Additionally we also created a small parametric software where people can enter and mix up their plant parameters & images to create as output new hybrid vegetation species.