Low-tech hack with recycled electronics / University of Art Lucerne




5 days


5 students from the Fondation year at HSLU (University of Art in Luzern)


HSLU Hochschule Luzern - Design & Kunst


From 4th to the 8th of January 2021, David ran a one week workshop for the foundation year at the University of Art in Lucerne (CH).

Rather than focusing on the hack of a security or network information system, the term “hacking” was interpreted in a broader sense: Hijacking an element from its primary function by modifying it in an artistic way. 

Entitled “Low-tech hack with recycled electronics” the workshop invited students to find a broken or dumped consumer electronics of their choice in order to hack it and give them new life by: transforming or modifying its components, combining it with another object or placing it in an unexpected context.

They had to imagine a thought provoking output around their hack and create scenarios on the possible future of this object.

The workshop was also the chance to discuss our ecological impact as an artist or designer.

The final results took different shapes: Performance, sound installation, films or a series of photographs.


Here is a sum-up of the 3 of the 5 projects:

Jo-Ann, “Pareidolia”, series of photographs

Series of 10 printed photographs on the topic of Pareidolia. In each photo - taken frontally - visitors are able to recognize - human - faces and perhaps even emotions into common electronic objects. Which reason do humans constantly look for themselves inside inanimate objects?

Maryam - “Adjusted Recycling”, Video

A broken radio recycled into different futures.This series of three video loops portrays different futures speculating on the evolution of technological tools.

Eileen - “Smog”, sound installation

A sound installation visualizing the intangible electro-smog through a suspended grid of various electric cables and wires. Visitors were invited to immerse themselves inside the wires to feel their materiality. The sound accompanying the piece aims to show in an abstract way how this pollution could sound like and intends to reinforce the feeling of being affected by it.

Pareidolia - photographs


Smog - sound installation


Adjusted Recycling - Film



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